The Band

Three Time - Best Original Alternative band in buffalo 2013 - thanks everyone!!

A big THANKS to all fans, friends and family... for your votes!! - Making Leon and the Forklifts, Best Original Alternative Band in Buffalo once again for 2013!

Plans for the weekend? Check the calendar, pick a date and bring your dancing shoes... When the Forklifts hit the stage, the party begins! They've been rockin at the top venues, events, parties and even weddings for quite some time... It's a hell of a show, don't miss the next one! Shots all around and don't forget to tip your bartendars!

Mike Bongiovanni - Lead vocals, Piano, Guitar Aka: Mike Bongiovanni

Mike is up in front with the lead vocals. A wild man on the piano and keeping the rhythm with the acoustic Johnny Cash style guitar. Mike has played with many different bands including Ernie and the Dumptrucks, Up and Away and Unkarved Block. Prefers BV and Coke.

Matt Schneider - Lead Guitar Aka: Matty Guitar

Matty Guitar hails from Cleveland, or known locally as the "Emerald Necklace." His solos are a frenzy, as he shreds through each and every note from one end of the guitar to the other - something truly sweet to behold. An original member, Matty prefers the biggest glass of imported beer in the joint.

Bill Drew - Bass Aka: Drew

Bill Drew on Bass. Groovy bass solos, funky jams - this cat is a rock n' rollin' slap crazy mad dog! He's on Fire! Woot :) Bill drinks beer. Bill drinks alot of beer. When there is some beer being served, Bill will drink some beer.

Matt Felski - Drums and Percussion Aka: Felski

Stage back and center - Mr. Felski... Doesn't matter what the tune, Felski's got the beat... On Drums -- confident, learned and focused... Matt provides the tight spiral of drums as the central force of the Forklifts!

Justin Lackie - The Sax, Flute Aka: The Kid

The Kid. Where is he? Keep your eye on this guy and stick around, he'll rock your socks off!. Spewing flurries of notes around a series of low and high end honks, bobbing and swaying as he skates through his improvisation on the dance floor? Wireless to grab himself whatever is being served.

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